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on Chautauqua Lake

Bemus Point, NY


Hotel Lenhart
20-22 Lakeside Dr.PO Box 449
Bemus Point, New York 14712


Celebrating 142 years in 2022

Open summers only - May 27, 2022

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COVID-19 Update

The 2020 and 2021 summer seasons were very challenging.  We are hopeful that 2022 will be much better.  At this time, we are taking reservations for the 2022 summer.  We are uncertain as to any limits that will be in place this summer. Therfore, all reservations are tentative and subject to cancellation if we are unable to accommodate guests safely and in compliance with mandated restrictions.  The Lamplighter Cocktail Lounge will only open if we can do so safely and hours will vary.

The dining room will not be open for any meals in 2022.

We will keep the website and facebook page updated for this 2022 summer.

Please practice social distancing and wearing a  mask may be required.

About The Hotel Lenhart

The Hotel Lenhart is located in Bemus Point, New York, facing west overlooking beautiful Bemus Bay on Chautauqua Lake. It has been owned and operated by the same family since 1880. The original Lenhart was built by Dr. J. J. Lenhart and his wife the former Dora Baldwin.  We are now in the fourth generation of family ownership

The hotel has a main floor and three upper sleeping floors. We have a total of 53 rooms ranging from large parlor type rooms on the ground floor to small single bedded rooms on the top floor. The hotel was originally built without plumbing or electric and some rooms still do not have a bathroom, all rooms have a sink. There are two private baths on each floor for those rooms. We operate during our regular season, Memorial Day to Labor day.  The cocktail lounge, The Lamplighter Room, is located just off the lobby. The music is usually Big Band which was the favorite of our long time bartender, Jimmy Anderson, who sadly passed away in the spring of 1996.

The big feature of the Lenhart is the veranda that wraps from the side all across the front of the hotel. There are 40 of our famous multicolored rocking chairs for viewing the spectacular sunsets over Bemus Bay. Grab a chair early if you want a seat at sunset.

You may call or write to the following for information, brochure, Rates and reservations:

Hotel Lenhart, PO Box 449, Bemus Point, NY 14712 - (716) 386-2715

Click here to e-mail for information: email Hotel Lenhart . Reservations and availability can only be obtained by phone or regular mail.

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